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5 Interesting Facts About Thai Food

Thailand has some of the most unique cooking customs and manners when it comes to food. Part of the pleasure of experiencing all of the beautiful flavors and textures, as well as learning how they are meant to be consumed and savored, is undoubtedly a key feature of the country’s culture. Here are some five interesting facts about Thai food.


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Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in America. Thai cuisine has a variety of flavors and dishes which you can enjoy at your favorite restaurant or cook for yourself at home. In this blog post, we will explore 5 facts about Thai food that may surprise you!

1. Thais dine together as a family

Don’t expect to order your individual lunch in Thailand; all meals are shared. Because Thai people are inherently sociable and social, they enjoy eating in large groups and frequently order enough food to feed the entire table, as it is common to sample multiple dishes at once.

Thais, unlike Westerners, do not pile large amounts of food on their plates all at once. Begin with a portion of rice and work your way around the table to the other courses, helping yourself to tiny portions of each. Thais dislike wasting food, so be careful how much you pile on your plate and make sure you finish everything!

2. No dinner is complete without rice

Thai cuisine’s most popular dish and a defining feature. One thing is certain: no one in the area will eat a meal without rice! It is said to have its own soul, emphasizing its significance in the country’s culture.

3. In Thailand, food is a way of life

Thai people are avid foodies who revolve their life on food. Meals are painstakingly planned, and food and restaurant recommendations are among the most popular topics of conversation among locals.

There is no such thing as three large meals in one day, as Westerners are accustomed to. Thais eat whenever they are hungry and will stop all they are doing to satiate their hunger. They are known for their nibbling and eat small meals frequently throughout the day. That’s why you won’t see kids helping themselves to large portions of food at mealtimes.

4. There are no chopsticks!

Chopsticks are not a frequent utensil for eating Thai food, contrary to popular belief among tourists and visitors. Usually  they use to eat noodle meal or Chinese food. The spoon, held in the right hand, and a fork, held in the left, are the major dining utensils.

To begin, scoop rice from your plate with the spoon, then arrange food on the spoon to accompany the rice using the fork. If you can’t find any knives outside of the kitchen, use the edge of your spoon to cut food into smaller portions.

5. A meal must have the correct flavor balance

The precise juxtaposition of flavors and ingredients in Thai dishes is one of the best things about Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine is compose of four distinct flavor: spicy, sour, sweet, and salty.

During meal, dish are carefully choose to ensure that there is enough of each to balance out all of these colorful palate criteria. Thai eating etiquette suggest that  eat slowly so you can fully appreciate each bite.

As you can see, Thai food has a lot of unique customs and manners when it comes to food. It’s important that you know how to eat in order for your meal time to be enjoyable! Use these five facts about Thai food as a guide so you don’t make any faux pas while visiting Thailand. If you want more information on this topic or other culture-related content, let us know at Cultural Intelligence Services. We’re able to help with all sorts of cross-cultural consulting needs – from global marketing strategies to cultural training workshops and much more!

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