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Thailand Nightlife: Bars, Clubs, and Dating Suggestions

Thailand’s nightlife is a real mixed bag, with everything from all-night party clubs to relaxing beach bars. Many locals also prefer to drink bottles of liqueur on the street while snacking. Others prefer to spend the night sitting outside their front door with a couple of friends.

When Should You Go Out?

Every night is a good night to go out in popular tourist areas throughout Thailand. Locals, on the other hand, prefer Friday and Saturday because they don’t have to worry about work the next day. Many Thais prefer to have a leisurely dinner and then sort of blend into the party afterward.

There is no exact time to begin partying, but a good ballpark range is to arrive at a club between 10 and 11 p.m. You can easily show up at 1 – 2 a.m. for clubs that are open all night. Many bars (that are not in designated areas) are required by law to close their doors by 1 a.m. In practice, a plethora of bars and clubs remain open until the early hours of the morning.

What to Put On

The dress code in Thailand is determined by the city and environment in which you are. Because of Thailand’s tropical climate and laid-back lifestyle, wearing shorts and flip flops to bars and tourist clubs is usually acceptable.

However, if you want to blend in with the locals, it is much more polite to wear jeans with shoes or sandals. Some prestigious clubs, primarily in Bangkok, require long pants and closed-toe shoes to enter.

The Study of Social Dynamics

Many Thais go out to party with their friends. Typically, a Thai dinner is served with either beer or a combination of Thai whiskey and soda water.

When it comes to going out, it is rare to see people going out with their parents (as in South America), but rather with friends their own age. There are also a lot of Thai bar girls who hang out together in bars and clubs all over Thailand.

Dance in Thailand provides a wide range of Western music in its clubs

Many of them play a mix of hip hop, house, and current hits. It is usually considered impolite to dance very close (as in a grind), as it is in other parts of the world.

If you want a more traditional experience, you should go to a local style karaoke club. Older Thais have fun by drinking liquor, singing karaoke, and slow dancing to piercing tunes.

Thai Women Dating Advice

There is a lot of diversity among Thai women, and it takes some time to figure out what is going on. For starters (as you’re probably aware), there are a lot of prostitutes and women looking to date or marry white men for money. Similarly, there are many men who are simply looking for a good time (sex-pats).

The good news is that, outside of the most popular nightlife areas, the majority of Thai women are not bar girls and rarely party. It takes time to get to know more traditional women, but once you do, they are loyal and protective of you.

When dating Thai women, communication and cultural misunderstandings are likely to be the most significant issues. I’ve been with my girlfriend for over a year, and our biggest issue has been misunderstanding.

Thai Males

There are various types of Thai men, just as there are various types of Thai women. The more upper-class or trendy men tend to frequent nightclubs and, on occasion, venture to foreigner-heavy nightlife areas.

Local Thai dudes frequently congregate in small groups on the side of the road, racing motorcycles and drinking beer and whiskey. Many of these guys steer clear of the central tourism industry.

Thailand’s sex industry

Despite a thriving Thai sex industry, the vast majority of Thais live with their parents until they marry. Sex while living under their parents roofs  frown upon in many household, and  father are fiercely protective of their daughter.

That being said, if you want to have sex, there are plenty of opportunities, and if you are a guy, you will most likely be approached by a slew of Thai women (if you go out at night). Take reasonable precautions and use your discretion. The morning-after pill is widely available in Thailand’s pharmacies. Abortion is illegal unless the woman health is jeopardize.

There is no shortage of options for nightlife in Thailand. You can find bars, clubs, pubs or even dating suggestions. The choices are endless and you’re bound to have a great time wherever you go! Check out our blog post below if you want more information on the different types of entertainment venues and how they compare to each other so that you can pick one where your interests align with what’s available. We hope that this has helped make your decision easier when it comes to choosing Thailand nightlife activities.

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