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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination, with 16 million foreign visitors flying in each year, and it has a plethora of places to visit. Travel to Thailand and you’ll discover that, despite the large influx of visitor, the country cultural integrity has been largely preserve. Thailand is a country that has successfully avoided colonization and has been able to absorb Western influences while preserving its own rich heritage.

The best of Thailand’s attractions are its people, who are among the friendliest and most hospitable in the world. Thailand today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

Travel facts about Thailand

  • Thailand is known as Siam until 1939 (and again from 1945 to 1949),  divide into 77 province or changwat; some academic suggest changing the name back to better reflect the country Thai and non-Thai diversity.
  • Population: 63 million, of whom 75% are ethnic Thais and 14% are Chinese, with the remainder primarily made up of immigrants from neighboring countries and hill tribespeople.
  • Due to its spectacular, well-carved, controlled, and kept canals at the time, Bangkok was dubbed “Venice of the East.”

Thailand Travel Destinations

The various region of the country, from north to south, provide visitors with a variety of sight, activity, and experience. In this travel guide to the best place to visit in Thailand, we discover where to enjoy the country diverse range of activity, from world-class diving to carousing at lively festival.


There are resplendent temples, canal side markets, and the opulent indulgence of the eighteenth-century Grand Palace within its historic core. Downtown’s skyscraper forest houses cutting-edge fashion in décor boutiques as well as some achingly hip bars and clubs.

Chiang Mai

If you’re looking for places to visit in the northern uplands, start with Chiang Mai. Many colorful festival draw crowd here as well: Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s most popular place to see in the Thai New Year – Songkhran – in mid-April, and to celebrate Loy Krathong at the full moon in November, when thousand of candle  float down the Ping River in lotus-leaf boat.

Archipelago of Samui

Ko Samui has the most sweeping white-sand beaches, as well as the most accommodation and facilities to go with them.


Few tourists visit Isaan, Thailand’s poorest and, in some ways, most traditional region. A journey through the gently varying landscapes of Thailand’s northeastern extremities, as defined by the Mekong River valley.

Thailand Travel Guide  is design for anyone looking to plan their next trip, with everything from the best place in Thailand to visit base on what you want to do or where you want go (north vs south), as well as when there are festivals worth seeing too.

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