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Thailand’s Fashion and Lifestyle

The Thai fashion and lifestyle is heavily influenced by traditional Khmer style, which includes the distinctive pha sin, a long piece of silk or cotton cloth worn over one shoulder that is used to cover the upper body. It is very similar to Indian Dhoti, and covers the body from the waist down. The traditional Thai pha-sîn has been used by many Thai classical dancers during performance.

The type of pha-sîn made in Thailand is different from its Cambodian counterpart, as it is brighter in color and more intricately design.

In addition to the pha-sîn, Thai women often wear other forms of traditional Khmer and Indian dress. Traditional Isan clothing is especially popular with rural women in northeastern Thailand, which includes a sarong worn around the waist and blouses that are worn over pants or skirts. The long hair that was characteristic of the Thai, Khmer and Vietnamese was often plaited into a tress hairstyle.

The history of Thailand’s fashion and lifestyle

A cultural revolution is spark in Thailand by Plaek Phibunsongkhram during the early twentieth century. He encouraged Thais to wear more traditional Thai clothing instead of the Westernized clothing, which had been popular since King Chulalongkorn’s reign. This policy was also part of the government strategy, through which it would gain support in rural areas. It makes sense that the application of such a policy was very successful, especially among the people in Isan and femal farmers, as this type of dress is more practical for daily activities.

The requirements of Thailand’s fashion and lifestyle

People who like to dress themselves in Thai style should pay attention to accessories. The most important things to complete the look are pha sin, necklaces and wrist braclets made of cloth.

What is the current trend in Thai fashion and lifestyle?

In recent years, Thai fashion has undergone a rebirth. Traditional style that worn of Thai people for century are reappearing in art and clothing. The most famous example  seen in the traditional outfit of a Northeast woman is call “Phaendin”,  design by contemporary artist Chaiyut Plypetch .

Thai people like to dress up. People who travel to Thailand should check out formal occasions as well, such as going to a club in Bangkok or an upscale restaurant in Phuket. Men can wear shirts and pants on these occasions while women should wear dresses that cover the knees and shoulders.

What Thai people wear in different seasons?

Thai fashion is seasonal, and Thai change their clothing with the weather. During the hot season, short-sleeve shirt and short can  worn in urban area while pha endin will make it easier for people to get through the hot season. In Bangkok, people who want to wear long pants during the heat of summer should choose cotton clothes in lighter colors because dark colors absorb and retain more heat.

How to deal with changes in weather?

Thais also give attention to different weather conditions when choosing their outfits. During the rainy season, umbrella and raincoat is carry around, especially in the lowland region. Just like when it’s very hot, light-color cloth is prefer for rainy day.

How to dress for a wedding in Thailand?

Thai people follow traditions closely when they have weddings or other ceremonies and rites. Women should wear pha endin and men should wear a shirt and pants.

What to wear on special occasions in Thailand?

Just like weddings, there are many other special occasions that require specific clothing for Thai people. For instance, when someone becomes an adult, he or she has to wear traditional ceremonial clothes for a whole year: pha endin for women and a shirt and khaki pants for men.

What to wear in an office in Thailand?

People who work as office worker  always dress professionally, i.e. the formal outfit that is mention above without any addition. Women do not have to change their dress code when they enter the office but shoe is require instead of sandal.

Thai people are traditional dressers. They have very specific customs that they follow when it comes to dressing for various occasions- from weddings, rites, and special events to the office.

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