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The Best Street Food in Bangkok

Bangkok’s street food offers quick, tasty, and inexpensive meals, and it’s one of the most authentic ways to experience the city’s culture. Even yet, for newcomers to the city, it might be a little frightening. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to Bangkok street food, which includes what to anticipate, where to locate the greatest tastes, and some helpful translations for when pointing and smiling isn’t enough.

Bangkok’s street food is a vital component of the city’s culture. Food stall  found almost everywhere in the city, with a significant prevalence in congest place. Some street seller, particularly in local markets, work in groups, so you can go to the same spot every night and eat a different dish. Some are even open 24 hours a day.

What to expect from Bangkok street food

Bangkok street cuisine comes in a variety of flavors. It could be a simple cart on the side of the road, a collection of stalls in a neighborhood market, or even a classic shophouse with tables spilling out onto the sidewalk. If you’re concerned about hygiene, go to a busy restaurant where the ingredients will be fresh.

Food stalls frequently specialize in specific cuisines. By looking at the ingredient and how they prepare, you will  able to figure out what kind of food a booth is selling. Vendor can be seen pounding papaya, grilling meat skewers, or boiling noodles in an antique wok. Some people speak rudimentary English, although this isn’t always the case.

Since street food is prepare in front of you, it’s easy to show your preference. If a stall has a line with customer, it means the food good and will probably be replenish quickly. In general, only eat at stall that have fresh ingredient and  busy.

Street food can also be very cheap wherever you go. For a few dollars, you can usually get a full meal that will keep you satisfied for a long time. Some meal so cheap they’re serve by weight: Customers simply take their portion and pass the bowl on to the next customer.

What to eat in Bangkok street food

You can get almost anything from a Bangkok street vendor, but some dishes are more popular than others. Here’s a list of 4 great dishes to try on your next visit to the Thai capital.

1. Pad Thai Fried Noodles

The pad in pad Thai mean “fry,” so this dish is literally fry noodle. The Thai version consists of flat rice noodles stir-fried with scrambled egg, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, and your choice of meat. It’s one of the most popular street dishes in Thailand because it’s cheap and tasty.

2. Gaeng Keow Wan (Green Curry)

Curry is a staple of Thai cuisine, but green curry has a unique flavor that makes it stand out from other curries in the region. This dish consist of meat in a creamy green chili sauce, which is usually serve with steamed rice.

3. Mango Sticky Rice

When ripe mangoes are in season (between March and May), this sweet street dish becomes available at many stalls. Mango sticky rice consists of fresh mango chunks wrapped up with sticky rice and a hint of salt. Some stalls put a piece of tau foo fah (a deep-fried tofu) in the center for more texture.

4. Java Pil Sung (Stuffed Banana Leaf)

The Thai version of this popular Indonesian dish consists of sticky rice, vegetables, and meat wrapped up in a banana leaf and boiled until it’s soft enough to eat with your hands. A variety of other ingredients, like coconut milk and chili sauce, often come with the package.

Street food come in a variety of flavor and  found everywhere you go, but it’s important to know what to look for. If the street vendors are busy with customers, then they’re probably doing something right! It also pays off if you take your time perusing menus because some stalls specialize in specific cuisines. Plus, prices tend to vary depending on where you eat (unsurprisingly). For example, meat is more expensive than vegetables – so keep that in mind when ordering. The Thai version of pad Thai consists of flat rice noodles stir-fried with scrambled eggs and ground peanuts among other things; this dish is usually top with either duck or chicken.

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